Facebook Business Promotion The Proper Way

Social media is the most widespread way of communicating with your customers (after email). Setting up a Facebook business page is simple, but now, what do you do?

It’s time to start getting customers to connect and engage. But with so many other companies doing the same thing, what does it take to promote your Facebook business on this massive social media platform? 

Create a Facebook Ad

The majority of social media consultants out there know the importance of Facebook ads to get your web page in front of the relevant audience. Facebook has a multitude of targeting features that allows you to create an ad that reaches individuals within certain demographics. But learning how to use this is a fine art. There are numerous marketing agencies out there that are already well versed in this. It’s also possible to use the Custom Audiences feature to upload your email list. When we are trying to reach customers on Facebook, we can neglect our email audience, but this kills two birds with one stone.

Creating and Sharing Useful Content

Using social media as a platform to promote your business is about providing a reason for people to follow your page. Using blogs can help your business to distribute relevant content, but it’s important to engage with your audience using the right formats. Facebook is a very visual medium, so images, GIFs, and videos are going to be more shareable.

Put a Follow Button on Your Website

When you’re promoting your Facebook business, you need to make sure it links up with your website and other social media channels. You need to make it effortless for your website visitors to follow your page. You can add a Facebook Follow Button onto your website or depending on the website tools you’re using, you may have to figure out how to incorporate your social media profile onto your website.

Utilizing Your Existing Social Media Channels

There are people who talk about overkill in terms of social media. While you may have set up a Linkedin, Twitter, or Pinterest page to promote your business, are they all yielding good, solid results? When you have dedicated customers, they will follow you across all the channels but when you’re trying to build up a name for yourself, you have to incorporate your existing social media followers as well.

Using Your Current Network of Followers

Going back to the idea of emails, it is the most important channel to engage with customers because there’s a significant amount of interaction on Facebook, businesses may start to neglect their email list. If someone has joined your email lists, it’s very likely they would like to connect on Facebook as well, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that you doubled your audience, as the person who is using their email is also using their social media channel.

Facebook business is a fantastic way to connect with a certain demographic. Learning to promote your business on Facebook is a fine art. You have to make sure that you do it correctly.

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