Tips That Will Boost Your New Pest Control Business

When starting a pest control business, you’ll be most effective if you check your local community’s needs and invest accordingly.

A pest control business requires sufficient skills and knowledge; therefore, make sure you are well equipped to handle the pest problems you encounter. You’ll also need to invest in different equipment and chemicals depending on the services you offer.

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First, decide whether you want to offer residential or commercial pest control services and check the various ways you can design or deliver your services. Critical areas you can think about include,

  • Fumigation services
  • One-off services
  • Long term contracts
  • Baiting
  • Termite control services
  • Nest removal
  • Fleas, ticks, bedbugs, cockroaches, mosquito and rodent extermination, and control services

For a successful business,

Create a Strong Brand

Probably only your close friends and family members know about your intention to open the business. Expand your client base to sustain a successful company. For this to happen, create an attractive brand name and market extensively. It will also help to have an online presence. 87% of shoppers first check a product online even when they intend to buy from a local store.

To attract online shoppers:

  • Create a robust online presence.
  • Have an information-packed website and an engaging social media platform.
  • Talk to a lead generation company for help on how to drive more targeted traffic to your business.

Build Value

There have to be many other businesses offering the same services in your area. How do you stay relevant, unique, and your services highly sought? What will make your target clients choose you and not your competition? You have to convince your clients that you have a different, better, and more results-oriented approach.

What will be the most prominent benefits of choosing your brand? You can choose to offer more environmentally friendly solutions to common pest problems. Most people fear the chemical effect left behind after fumigation. Going green and using more humane pest control approaches gives you an edge over your competitors. Finding what makes your brand unique helps you maximize or take advantage of your strengths to build a better business.

Have Your Licenses and Certifications Ready

You’ll build more credibility when your business is licensed and your operations regulated by the governing bodies. Some customers might need to check your credibility; therefore, be ready with the necessary proof. Most importantly, your business should be lawful and licensed to operate.

Check the requirements in your local area. You might even need approvals to handle some chemicals. Make sure you fulfill all legal and industry-specific requirements before starting operations. Your technicians should also be fully insured. An injury or accident at work can be costly, and so are lawsuits.

Ensure Your Technicians are Adequately Trained

Don’t get so excited when you get new business but be happy when a client chooses your services again or recommends you. For this to happen, offer quality and satisfactory services. Make sure to use quality and effective chemicals but most importantly, ensure the technicians have the necessary skills to handle pest problems.

If possible, take them through a training period and supervise their work before handling tasks independently. A strong work ethic, professionalism, honesty, reliability, and friendly staff will keep you in business. Because the pest control industry is very dynamic and new pest control equipment and methods frequently emerge, stay informed and regularly upgrade your skills.

How Do You Ensure Your Clients Stay Happy?

Besides offering quality and satisfactory services, go a step further and help your clients pest-proof their homes. Some don’t have adequate knowledge on how to do it. Inspect the house and let them know what they need to do differently. Probably they have open spaces that need to be sealed or install pest-proof doors and windows. Your clients will be happy you took the time to improve their homes and avoid a repeat problem.

Also, always ask for customer feedback after every task. Never assume your services were satisfactory until the client says so. Ask them if they think you need to make any improvements and keep them engaged by offering simple but valuable pest control tips through emails or on your blog and social media platform.

It’s not only your clients you need to take good care of but your employees as well. Offer them excellent working conditions, attractive packages and make the workplace feel like a second home. Clients feel more comfortable having the same employees handle their concerns. Additionally, it’s expensive to hire and train new technicians now and then.

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  1. Very creatiive post


  2. Tex Hooper says:

    I never considered checking for licensing before hiring. I need to hire someone to eradicate the termites in my walls. It would be nice to not hear them eating my walls.


  3. thanks for thetips


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