Your 24/7 Sales Executive

Imagine having a sales executive who works 24/7, who never has the weekend off, works in every time zone simultaneously, never asks for  a pay rise or a share of the profits, never complains, and who increases your sales and market share. Wouldn’t that be a dream come true?

Well, it can be.

Have you ever thought about having an explainer or testimonial video made? Please discard any per-conceived thoughts you may have or bad experiences. Insanely Clever Marketing has great experience in marketing communications which means we don’t just create pretty pictures. We research, validate and target communications to YOUR specific audience.

Explainer videos are the new business card, the new brochure, the new user manual, the new testimonial, the new 24/7 sales executive.

And they can be as creative & memorable & compelling & relevant as you desire. At Insanely Clever Marketing, we help our clients to tell the truth… well. We also do it memorably and with relevance to your target audience.

Videos can give life to every aspect of your  business and link marketing efforts to sales outcomes. That’s right. The videos we create work with and for your sales teams adding dynamism and 24/7 contact with your market.

Videos can explain complex, innovative and technical data in a way that no other medium can, including personal presentations.

Videos can get your sales staff through the door so sales can be won.

Videos are the modern, professional approach to training manuals.

Videos allow you to share testimonials and good news about your business far and wide.

Videos give your brand personality and convey messages about your business that no words can.

For example, some professional services aren’t exactly ‘sexy’ – think lawyers, accountants, financial planners – but they still have a message to convey to their target audience. An explainer video can be friendly, humorous, and above all MEMORABLE.

Plus, we can help you use social media to get your video in front of YOUR target audience… your brand will be in the palm of their hands…literally.

sales executive

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