Simple Ways To Segment Your Market : Part Two

In Part One of simple ways to segment your market, I outlined the first five steps. Here are the remaining three steps to help you maximise your marketing dollar and reach the exact audience you seek.

Bite Six: Why Would They Choose You?

Formulate the FEATURES and BENEFITS that will attract your audience. Here are some examples;

FEATURE: We are local

BENEFIT: Easy to find, responsive, part of the community

FEATURE: We specialise in products for women

BENEFIT: Understand the women’s market well because that’s our major focus

FEATURE: Compact design

BENEFIT: Will fit into small spaces

FEATURE: Elevator

BENEFIT: Assists people with a disability

Bite Seven: Which Communication Channel Will You Use?

There are myriad ways to communicate but the more specific the ‘tool’ the more cost-effective and successful its likely to be.

Tools include direct mail letters, sponsored events, branded giveaways, advertising, vouchers, newsletters, social media posts, and on-line competitions. Your arsenal may also include branded executive stress toys, carry bags with your logo, gift baskets, sales kits, USB with a company video, etc.

I suggest you do some research to see how your target likes to receive information (Bite Five). You can choose more than one channel but ensure the messaging is consistent.

For example, if you run an on-line competition you may wish to send a direct e-mail linked to a competition web page driven via social media. All three platforms must have consistent branding, images, messages and be cross-linked to each other.

Bite Eight: Getting It Done

Now that you have successfully segmented your market, you’ll need to think about a budget, resources and timeframe for your campaign. You will have a much better idea of how many people you may be targeting and the cost-per-reach you are prepared to spend. Media outlets will have data on their audience and reach as will reputable bloggers if you choose to work with that growing area of influence.

Create a simple ‘Action Plan’ with columns for the Action, Responsible Person, What is Required, Expected Outcome, Completion Date and a tick box for completion.

ACTION Responsible Required Outcome Due Completed
Brochure Adam Finalise design, text and get quotes 5,000 brochures for trade show and direct mail 26/4 YES
Media Release Sally Write a media release on our new product and distribute 2 x print articles and 4 x radio interviews 12/6

PLEASE remember to include a ‘Call to Action’ – TELL your audience what you want them to do.

A ‘Call to Action’ can be anything resembling the following – limited offer so ring today, come and see our showroom today, first 10 callers only so ring now, visit our website, call now for a free quote, follow us on Facebook, don’t miss out – call now, enter now (for a competition), last days so be quick, call now!

See Simple Ways to Segment Your Market : Part One.


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