Ideas for Decorating Your Home Office

It’s a great feeling to move from the kitchen table to your own office when you start a business from home. You probably have some ideas for decorating your home office because you’ll likely spend a lot of time there.


Most people use a spare bedroom or even  well-organized closet space as their first home office. Some even use the garage or an outdoor shed. Wherever you set up, you need several must-haves;

  • a comfortable chair
  • good storage
  • flat desk space
  • a well lit working area


Depending on your work – consultant, artist, bookkeeper, designer – you’ll also need other items, such as;

  • whiteboard / pin board
  • stackable file drawers or hanging files
  • storage boxes
  • bookcase
  • pens, highlighters, sticky tape, paper clips, bull dog clips, folders, etc
  • rubbish bin
  • printer / copier
  • access to power / powerboard
  • electrical storage
  • extra seating
  • internet connection / land line telephone



Two key factors for successfully working from home are being organized and having enough storage, so your office remains uncluttered. An uncluttered work space will help you think more clearly, be less distracting and allow you to be more productive.

When decorating your home office, think of the work flow and position items accordingly.

  • where is your desk and chair best positioned?
  • which items do you use the most?
  • for what do you need storage?
  • which items do you use the least?
  • will you need to conduct client meetings?




Importantly, decor. When decorating your home office you also want to be surrounded by things you love and things that inspire you.

  • what colours do you like?
  • what colours can you live with?
  • which accessories make you feel good?
  • how can you create calm?
  • is your vibe rustic, modern, eclectic, romantic, industrial?
  • will a piece of vintage furniture fit well?
  • Will hanging a mirror create the illusion of space?
  • Should lighting be spotlit, overhead, on the wall, pendant, over-the-top fancy?
  • what decor tells people about you and your business?




Take note of the decor ideas here and pick the ones that you like the most. Can you decorate your own offcie in a similar style? Scour garage sales, eBay and on-line auctions to find great office items you can recycle.

I love IKEA and Kikki.K for loads of cool office storage and decor ideas.

Ultimately, it’s YOUR office and it should reflect your personality, business and work flow. It doesn’t matter that it’s in your home, it’s YOUR dream that your working towards. SO GO GET ‘EM!

You’ll also find Small Space Small Office interesting for more design and style ideas.

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