Do You Need Content Marketing?

What is this thing called Content Marketing? Before I answer, please consider these questions – Do you have a website simply to maintain an on-line presence? Is your website only used as an on-line brochure or shop front? Is it a place where your products and services are displayed?


If so, then you still need content marketing. In fact, if you have a website for any purpose and want to be found, then you need content marketing. Why? Read on.


Content Marketing

Some businesses believe they can put up a website and never refresh the content. “If people want to know what we do they can go to the website”, I have often heard business owners say.

But unless someone knows you exist or has heard your name and searches for it, how will they know you even have a business? What if they search for ‘Sydney beauty salon’ or ‘garden equipment Melbourne’? Will your business come up?

Unless you are active on the internet and have a content marketing strategy then the answer is “No” you will not be found by search engines. If someone puts your business name into a search engine then, yes, you will be found.

Content Marketing

If someone puts in a more generic search – such as ‘Redfern Bookkeeper’ or ‘Bookkeeper Redfern’ then a company named ‘Redfern Bookkeeper’ will come up, but only differently named bookkeepers in the Redfern or Sydney area who are active on the internet will come up on the first or second page of Google.

Content Marketing may be quite new but it is very powerful. It’s not advertising and it’s not public relations … but it is both. Content Marketing will ‘advertise’ your business in such a way that customers will WANT to engage with your content. Unlike traditional advertising that ‘interrupts’ your enjoyment of magazines, television programs, radio shows or even driving – in the case of billboards – content marketing is media-type content that your customers want in exchange for permission to market a product or service to them.

Content Marketing

Think about blog posts you enjoy, podcasts you like listening to, guides and white papers you download, YouTube videos that provide information, and infographics (popular on Pinterest and websites). These are all examples of Content Marketing. The value of such content can be provided as educational or entertainment. But what you are REALLY doing is promoting your business to potential customers who are seeking what you offer.

A Content Marketing Strategy also has other benefits. Google loves activity and Google loves fresh content. By creating a blog on your website, adding one or two relevant articles per week, being active on social media, and linking that to your blog or website, Google will know you are active, creating fresh content, and engaging an audience, and it will rank you higher.

Content Marketing

So next time someone Googles ‘Brisbane Landscaper’ YOUR business will have a better chance of being on page one. You’ll also benefit from reading another article here on Insanely Clever Marketing on content marketing, Do You Need It, which also explains this concept in more detail. Well worth a read.

Are You Using Your Marketing Opportunities Like You Should Be?

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Insanely Clever Marketing is expert at creating fresh content for your website and handling your social media. We can help you get a better  SEO ranking through being active and relevant on the internet. Ask us how today.


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