Australian Entrepreneurs in NYC

Australian Entrepreneurs want to share their honest stories with YOU – the tough times, the times they almost gave up, and why persevering just might help you WIN.

If you are in business, then you’ll know how tough it is to start something from SCRATCH – completely from scratch. No path, no map, no clients, no profile – zilch, nada. Samantha Fletcher knows how hard it is. Over ten years Samantha and her husband, Lachy, have started a new business and produced three children. Samantha is brutally honest about tough it was with sleepless nights and worries about cashflow, particularly given the business was the only source of income for the family.

This experience gave Samantha a different perspective on being entrepreneurial. She sought out platforms whereby she could learn from those who had gone before her. The gap in Samantha’s knowledge base was whether she was Robinson Crusoe – was she alone in experiencing HUGE doubts and moments of terror as she and Lachy tried to build their Video Production business?

Samantha and Lachy have squeezed themselves through the eye of a needle and now have a successful business and comfortable lifestyle. But Samantha’s nagging thought is “What does it REALLY take to build a successful business?”


So she and Lachy have embarked on a new adventure – to film a five-episode series on 10 Australian Entrepreneurs in New York City. Why? Because the BIG APPLE may be the toughest market – if you can make it there you can make it anywhere, right?

Read more about this exciting project here on Advance Global.

The first series has attracted Australian Entrepreneurs  including Emma Isaacs (Business Chicks), CJ Hendry (Artist), Samantha Wills (Jewellery Designer), Nick Stone (Bluestone Lane), Joe Cross (documentary film-maker), Vanessa Holden (Soul Safari),  David Prior (Food & Travel Writer), Tim Harris (Burke & Wills & The Manhattan Cricket Club) and Alexandra Keating (DWNLD).

Samantha has a vision to film more Australian Entrepreneurs series in different cities – London, Paris, Berlin… wherever there are Australian Entrepreneurs running a successful business.


BUT FIRST she needs to crowdfund so she can produce and sell the first series to a network to fund further series. If you have $5 you can support Australian Entrepreneurs in NYC.

AND each donation comes with a ‘reward’ to say ‘thank you’. From behind the scenes, exclusive streaming and premier ‘opening night’ tickets to a limited edition tote bag, dinners and meet ‘n work with one of the entrepreneurs.

Samantha needs your help! Please support her Kickstarter Campaign. PLEASE BE QUICK – the campaign closes on July 12th and it needs $150,000 to secure the project. If the goal isn’t reached, no money is debited from your account.

This amazing project needs YOU so please support it.

You can also follow Australian Entrepreneurs on on Facebook, Instagram , Twitter and their website.


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