Two Global Stories To Change The World

I often see great global stories as I research my own stories and information for client projects. So today I decided to share two global stories that struck a chord with me, with you.

You could say that this is public relations or viral promotion at work, and I guess it is. Public relations is about ME talking about you, not YOU talking about you. By sharing these great global stories I am helping to promote them organically – which means I haven’t been paid to promote these articles. I genuinely think they are interesting, and I hope you to do. (header image from

As both these articles will show you, the world really may be in YOUR hands.


Advertising is Dominated by White Guys Talking to White Guys.

Cindy Gallop was the President of global agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) and one of the most senior women in advertising. In this article published in The Guardian, Cindy discusses gender diversity issues and why she set up a company called Make Love Not Porn.

Click here to read more.

Cindy also set up a website called ‘If We Ran The World’ which encourages micro-actions to change the world. I just tried it. WOW. Check it out.


global stories

Cindy Gallop. Photographer Lindy Nyland for The Guardian

Meet The Entrepreneurs Building the World’s Startups

This is fascinating. Meet a few of the world’s new business ‘rock stars’ and their global stories as they seek to be leaders in startups. 5,000 people sought coveted spots in the US State Department’s annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit. After a rigorous vetting process, it’s clear that Ground Zero for startups isn’t Silicon Valley or even the USA any more.

In this revealing article from Fast Company you’ll meet young men and women from Liberia, Egypt, Tanzania, Indonesia, Myanmar, Hong Kong, India, Jordan, Uruguay, South Africa, Philippines, and Peru.

Their dreams and their entrepreneurial spirits are compelling, and very inspiring.

Click here to read more.


global stories


Excitingly, Insanely Clever Marketing will soon have a new website. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL. Our sister site, The Style Podcast, is going so well we want to add The Business Podcast to our new Insanely Clever Marketing website.

Stay tuned.

global stories

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