Top Five Industries for Starting A Small Business

small business

Do you have aspirations of owning a small business, but aren’t sure what kind of company to start? There are many options out there so it’s smart to do some market research before jumping into the deep end.

Certain business sectors are particularly suitable for startups. Some require little funding. Some are particularly easy to market and great for attracting customers. I’ve done some of the research for you, and the top five industries for starting a small business are… (drum roll please)


Retail has historically been a go-to sector for startups. The internet has made it even easier. You can now start a retail business from the comfort of your own home, with the help of e-commerce.

Instead of using traditional business loans, an e-commerce business can pay itself off. A merchant cash advance will give you the funds you need for your business instantly. This can then be paid off through a percentage of your sales.

It can also be cheap. Many people sell things they make themselves. You can also buy goods in bulk and sell them individually for a profit. Online shopping software like Shopify makes it easy to create an internet shop.

small business

Legal Services

If you have a Degree in Law, it’s time to put it to good use. All kinds of individuals, businesses and organizations need different types of legal advice. Focus on being an expert in a particular sector, then offer consultancy to those who need it.

It’s relatively easy to start-up as a legal consultant, as all you need is your knowledge. However, making use of online marketing can help you advertise to the people who need your brand of legal advice. You could also find other legal experts in a particular sector and build it into a business.

small business

Health and Fitness

The Health and Fitness sector continues to grow in popularity. Everyone wants to be healthier and look better. If you have big aspirations, take out a small business loan and open up a gym. For those looking for something small-scale,  offer your  personal training services.

If you want to start a part-time small business to test the waters, conduct Yoga or Aerobics classes at the local park in your spare time. As long as you are qualified when it comes to fitness, this is a cheap way to start a business.

small business

Art and Design

Your parents may have told you all that time at art school was a waste, but it isn’t if you use your talents efficiently, and smartly. One artist made over $50,000 by selling artwork on social media. If you have good technical design skills, take advantage of the huge increase of people who open a small business to design brand logos and advertising posters. You can make this into a small business and offer your services to bigger companies.

small business

Computing and Technology

Technology is getting bigger. Computers, tablets, and smartphones are increasingly used in homes and businesses. It’s easy to teach yourself technological skills, and they can be applied in many ways.

If you learn how to program, you can design apps for businesses. In fact, I know of severl people doing this right now. You can even make your own smartphone games. Companies always need I.T. experts, so if you’re good with computing, you will be able to offer technological advice.

Web designing is another business that’s easy to start if you have the right skills, and can quickly become profitable.


These are the top five industries for starting a small business right now if you have the qualifications. I’m a strong believer in following your passion, so think about what you love… and go make it happen.

small business

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