5 Smart Ways To Take Advantage of Smartphones


Smartphones are becoming smarter because the global business landscape is in a constant process of adaptation. To be successful, companies need to keep up with the newest developments.

New technology is always being introduced so smart businesses need to take advantage of the latest tech. One of the biggest technological developments of our generation is smartphones.

Nowadays, it seems everyone is carrying an iPhone or Android device. These small gadgets are chock full of innovative apps and features. Businesses have found many ways to make smartphones work for them. Here are five ways smart businesses take advantage of smartphones.


Naturally, smartphones make it easier for people to get in contact with others, wherever they are. This means professionals can now send images, take calls, and send texts. It’s also easier to catch-up on e-mails, access websites, and keep in touch while being out of the office.

Mobile internet is critical for successful business communications. Using smartphones will speed up the process of getting in touch with clients or responding to customer service queries. Mobile communication is easier than ever thanks to smartphones.


Business Apps

People usually pack their smartphones with all kinds of interesting and useful apps. Many businesses have jumped on this, with many making apps for their services. Companies can get apps created which allow for their clients or consumers to access their services easily.

Functional, selling based apps aren’t the only option. Some businesses create generally useful apps or even games to help advertise their company at the same time. Companies can work on boosting their app’s ranking to get more eyes on their software.


Many businesses do a lot of their selling online nowadays. A lot of consumers prefer to pay for products or services online. Having a website that functions well on both computers and smartphones is smart for any business.

Smartphones are capable of more than just online transactions, though. Sellers can add a small device to their phone to allow for mobile credit card processing. It’s an innovative way to take quick payments from anywhere.

There are even mobile-based payment methods now. Android Pay and Apple Pay allow people to make contactless payments with their smartphones.


QR Codes

Quick Response codes are small, square barcodes which can be scanned on mobile phones to bring up information. Many businesses use QR codes to direct people to their websites or apps.

One of the great things about QR codes is they can be displayed anywhere. Businesses might put QR codes on leaflets for customers to scan for further information. They can even be used to market your business.

Social Media

There are many social media platforms used by smart businesses. Twitter is often used for communicating with customers quickly. LinkedIn is ideal for professional use. Pinterest is excellent for creating mood boards. The best companies take advantage of various social media channels.

It helps that many social media websites are well-optimized for smartphones. People can get live updates from their social feeds and listen to podcasts through their portable device.


This is useful for businesses who make use of and rely on social media. Promotions and updates can be sent instantly to their followers instantly. They can even make posts while traveling. There are also apps, such Hootsuite, to schedule social media posts in advance.

Smartphones are so smart that if you are in business, you’d be not-so-smart not to have one.

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