Physical World Benefits That Too Many Marketers Forget

physical world

Has the physical world passed you by? Nowadays, when you talk about marketing, the conversation always seems to revolve around the same topic. That topic is how you get attention online.

Make no mistake, social media and content marketing and all the rest of it are still important. They’re still essential strategies of your marketing campaign. But amidst all this, it’s important to recognise that real brand recognition belongs in the real world as well. So here are a few of the physical world marketing techniques you need to keep in mind.

physical world

In the Physical World : Shake some hands

You have to recognise that there are few better opportunities to sell someone on your idea than talking face-to-face with them. Attending trade shows and corporate events gives you more than the opportunity to make new customers.

With materials from places like, you can build some real brand recognition. It can also be the perfect setting to scout-out the competition and do some networking with others in the industry.

In the Physical World : Send some mail

Before online marketing, direct mail could be seen as one of the most aggressive marketing techniques. It does have a certain stigma against it but that doesn’t change the fact that it really does work. In comparison to emails, most of us get very little direct physical mail.

Which means if you send direct mail, there’s a lot less competition for the attention of the reader. It also offers a more personal touch, given its tactile nature.

physical world

In the Physical World : Giveaway free stuff

Swag has been an important part of laying the seeds of brand recognition for a long time. A lot of businesses might think that it’s solely for trade show attendees. But the truth is that you should be looking for every opportunity to hand out free giveaways.

In the street, to your customers and wherever you go. People use pens and USB sticks every day. If it happens to have your logo on it, that increases your chance of being remembered by a future client significantly.

In the Physical World : Go guerrilla

Then there are those out-of-the-box methods of advertising that are more than just a ‘reminder’ of your business. They’re an explosion of PR and viral attention. Guerrilla marketing, like the examples at, is all about creativity. It’s about unexpectedness and surprise. The best examples barely look like marketing attempts at the beginning. Instead, they focus entirely on grabbing customer attention. If you’re going guerrilla, you can’t play it safe.

physical world

In the Physical World : Break the boundaries

Guerrilla marketing breaks the boundaries of expectation between physical and digital. It uses the power that digital marketing already has, but places it smack dab in the real world. It puts your content where more people are likely to interact with it.

We’re talking about QR codes. QR codes can take advantage of a person’s innate curiosity. If someone sees one, they know there’s something on the other side and won’t be able to resist. You just need to make sure the offer on the other side is enough to keep their attention.

If you’re focusing solely online, then you are missing opportunities that matter. Look at your efforts and see if physical marketing can help you get more business.

physical world


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