Avoid Growing Pains: Increase Website Sign-Ups Today!

increase website sign-ups

Are you looking for useful ways to increase website sign-ups? Successful websites have a lot of people signing up to their updates and newsletters. These are incredibly useful when it comes to converting users to customers.

Here are the ways you can increase website sign-ups today!

Don’t rely on pop-ups

Many people make the mistake of hitting the user with a “sign up” pop-up and just leaving it at that. Many would argue that it’s a mistake to use these sorts of pop-ups at all, that all they do is frustrate the average user. (This is definitely disputed.) But if you are going to use them, make them appear as part of other visible opportunities to sign up. And don’t make it the very first thing the user experiences. They’ll click it away immediately and will soon forget it was ever an option.

increase website sign-ups

Keep the “sign up” option visible everywhere

So you’ve got the sign-up options available on your landing page. Good job! But a lot of users won’t exactly decide on the landing page whether or not they want to sign up. They’ll probably visit other areas of your website first. That’s why you should make sure a

That’s why you should make sure a sign-up feature is a part of the static layout of your website. This keeps it visible and usable throughout the user’s journey on your website. People are often going to be looking for these sorts of options in the top right corner of the page. That’s just where most websites feature the option!

Test pages before putting them online

So you’ve designed your landing page, as well as an exclusive sign-up page. You’re certain that these pages are going to get you tons of new users. It’s nice to know you’re so confident – but what makes you so sure? You may find yourself unpleasantly surprised by the results. What you need to do is look into AB testing. An AB test agency can help you figure out exactly what works and what doesn’t.

increase website sign-ups

Improve your social presence

Before someone signs up for your website, they’re likely to check out your social media accounts. Quite often, businesses make this easy with the use of visual data or even widgets that allow someone to follow them there and then. In any case, people who might sign up often care about how many followers you have. They also care about the personality you display on social media. A stronger presence on social media will help you increase website sign-ups.

Make sure they can trust you with their data

Do you plan on taking a user’s data and selling it to other companies for marketing purposes? Well, then, erm… Forget everything you’ve read in this article. We don’t want to help you build that kind of website. But, to tell you the truth, you’re not going to get too many people signing up if you can’t guarantee data protection.

More and more people are becoming conscious of their online privacy and where their data is going. If you have no ill intent with regards to a user’s data, make sure you announce it loud and clear right there with the sign-up form!


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