Humanize Your Brand with These Three Tips

humanize your brand

Making your business relatable is a common conundrum many CEOs face in their professional careers. Unless you are working in a B2B industry, your potential customers and clients are simply going to be average Joe’s, who just want to know if you can get the job done for them.

Any fancy business talk, analytical graphs and even the awards you’ve won probably are not going to interest them.

What a customer wants to see is a basic overview of the company, how it can benefit them and usually some testimonials too. With this in mind, it can often be worth taking the time to humanize your business in order to draw the customers in. A lot of people are intimidated by very formal, corporate images – so relaxing your brand could actually be the way forward for your company. Here are some ways you can bring a more human side to your business and the benefits doing so can bring you.

humanize your brand


Create a fictional consumer

In order to correctly humanize your brand you first need to understand your target audience. This isn’t just ‘women, in their 30s, middle class’. It has to be far more specific than that. So specific, in fact, that you actually create your own individual character who represents the people you are targeting.

You will give this person a name, and make notes of everything from their income to their dress sense, to their choice of vacations to their marital status. It might seem drawn out and unnecessary, but this kind of practice will help you to effectively hone in on the kind of branding you need to be putting forward for your business.

humanize your brand

Market your brand from behind the scenes too

Showing your consumer that your business is in fact run by people and not robots is a great way to grab their attention. People are interested in other people, and it is the staff in your business who make it so diverse.

Use your social media and you website to put faces to names, and names to specific roles within your business. This will also promote good relations within your team, and is one way in which the impact of company culture can benefit a business.

humanize your brand


Interact with your customers

Many customers these days are fed up of automated voices on the end of a phone, and a ‘one size fits all’ email response. Taking the time to personally reply to customers – whether it is about serious business or about something light hearted on your social media – shows that you care about them and that with you, they are dealing with bespoke professionals.

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