Hotel Marketing Steps to Success

hotel marketing

Hotel marketing may be the difference between success and failure. Running a hotel, or any kind of bed and breakfast accommodation can be extremely challenging. This is especially true in the after-throes of a recession when people aren’t holidaying and, when they do, they choose an overseas destination.

However, there is still a market share for hotels. There are options for niche offerings such as rooms for short breaks or for business people on the road. The key to marketing your hotel and attracting new customers lies in a cohesion of marketing tactics. Get started with these:

hotel marketing

Develop The Correct Type Of Website

Visitors who stay in your hotel will likely find out about you due to your website. It’s not usual to get people walking past who suddenly decide to book a room. As such, your website is your most decisive marketing tool.

A specialist website for hospitality is important so consider seeking help from people who are pro’s in Hotel Digital Marketing. Sure, it will cost money for help, but you’ll reap the rewards in the long run. If you are a skilled website designer then you can do it yourself but you will lose the benefit of professional hospitality expertise.

Remember, your website needs to advertise your hotel, but it also needs to advertise the geographic area. No one wants to spend time in a lovely hotel but with nothing to do outside, unless your hotel offers other aspects like spa treatments. You need to put the effort in and make sure the website is bespoke, any glitches or issues could make the customer go elsewhere.

hotel marketing


Ask A Hotel Critic To Come For A Visit

Yes, it sounds insane, maybe even like suicide, but you can bring in experts and show them how good you are. Critics will usually post their reviews in print magazines or even online. Inviting a critique means you need to show the very best of what you offer. Be confident that you have a suitable menu, great presentation, friendly staff and that you really do provide the best service. Ensure their intended room is well cleaned and maintained before arrival, but don’t add unnecessary extras. Genuine reviews from users can make a huge difference to the number of people who visit your hotel, but reviews from critics make an even bigger impact.

hotel marketing


Be Known For Something

Being known for something unique that gives you an edge over the other hotels in your area. Perhaps you are known for the outrageously comfortable mattresses you use or maybe your restaurant is superb. Do you offer specialist spa treatments known all over the city?Whatever it is, getting an edge is paramount, it can also offer you an alternative income if you hotel game isn’t working so well. People can eat in your restaurant without having to stay the night, for example. If you start winning awards for these

Whatever it is, gaining an edge is paramount. It can also offer you an alternative income if booked nights are down. People can eat in your restaurant without having to stay the night, for example. If you start winning awards for these specialties people will start to come from further afield to sample them and in turn stay the night. Being known for something unique or special can really make the difference between people staying with you or with a competitor.

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