When It Comes To Websites, Beauty Sells

Beauty sells when it comes to most aspects of business. So small business owners know that their website is a place where their potential clients go to snoop on them. Competitors will want to find out whether they really are the professional company that they say they are.

It’s the website that provides the first insight into a company’s prestige and how seriously they take their public image. If the image is good, the company will do well, and the website will become a conversion magnet, influencing people to buy. If the image is bad, then the company will flounder and eventually sink. When it comes to website marketing, beauty sells.

Make use of these simple steps to make your website more beautiful.

Beauty Sells: Make Your Calls To Action Compelling


The whole point of a website is to sell to customers, so it needs to be engaging and beautiful at the very least. On top of that, however, it also needs a strong and visible call-to-action – a button that will entice customers  to take the next step and to book a service with you.


beauty sells


When it comes to calls to action, your choice of words is very important. Instead of saying something like “Submit your email address” create incentives by saying something like “contact us today for a free consultation.” By using the word “today” you create a sense of urgency among your potential clients, asking them to do something now rather than put it off. And by offering a “free consultation,” you eliminate the risk on the part of the customer. Free consultations give customers the chance to assess whether or not you’re the real deal and if you’ve got anything to offer them.

Beauty Sells: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words


Human brains have vast swathes dedicated to visual processing – far more than they do to processing language. As a result, pictures are an essential part of website development. Visual content helps to tell your business’s story and can increase the traffic your site gets, as well as the amount of time people spend on it. People are more likely to click out of a site that is awash with text, but they’re more likely to stay on a site that includes both text and rich visual media.


beauty sells


The type of pictures you use will depend on the type of business you run. Pictures, for instance, are particularly important for any business involved in selling food. Don’t use generic stock photos for your meals. Instead, have a food photographer come to your restaurant and photograph all of the meals that you offer so that your customers can get an accurate sense of what you serve. Don’t try to photograph your meals yourself: food photography is notoriously hard to get right.


By contrast, if you’re a law firm, you should include things like headshots to help generate trust in your audience. People want to be able to see pictures of the people with whom they will be dealing.

Finally, use pictures to get inside your customer’s head. Think about what it is like to use your site from their perspective and ask yourself whether you’re doing everything right and making things clear to them.


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