Customers Aren’t Stupid – Make A Real Impact With Your Marketing

Make a Real Impact With Your Marketing

Walk outside of your room or office and take a walk down the street. Look at your surroundings. What will you see?

Well, you’re first likely to notice the architecture. The design of the street layout. The people around you. Once these social and navigational thoughts are understood, it’s likely that you’ll notice marketing. Marketing everywhere.


Make a Real Impact With Your Marketing


Make a Real Impact With Your Marketing #1

Marketing follows us in our daily lives, and transitioning to always-available internet access has certainly not improved this.

Of course, marketing it itself is benign, it’s what you choose to do with it that counts. However, this over-saturation of marketing opportunities can work against itself. It’s not something that can be improved.


Companies don’t organize meetings to limit the amount of marketing available so the world can look tasteful. A company, if offered the space to do so, will likely take any lucrative marketing space they can to sell their goods, and inject them into the public consciousness.

Sometimes, this can be great. It keeps the economy moving, and sometimes, allows consumers to access exactly what they’re looking for, especially in the realm of targeted advertising like SEO and social media exposure.


Make a Real Impact With Your Marketing


Make a Real Impact With Your Marketing #2

However, you might have noticed that the majority of marketing is intrinsically dull. We have seen it all before. Comedic advertisements, sad advertisements, emotional advertisements and witty advertisements.

The public consumer conscience is so well adapted to filtering this stuff out. After a three-minute advertisement break is shown during someone’s favourite TV show, it’s unlikely they will be able to recall what advertisements they watched during the break.

The public knows when they are being sold to, and understand how to ignore it. This is why it falls to you to create an impactful marketing strategy.


Make a Real Impact With Your Marketing


Make a Real Impact With Your Marketing #3

These days, the way you enter the public space is as important as what you do while you’re there.

The online on-demand smartphone culture means that consumers are used to swiping up, down and away from anything that doesn’t interest them.

So how do you keep their interest? Well, there is one method that is working and is causing much discussion online. Professional short films.

Now, professional short films are nothing new in the marketing space. But they are often underutilized, especially in this on-demand culture.


Scrolling through a social media page, someone is much more likely to stop and watch a professional and interesting looking piece that is well filmed and well written rather than see a simple advertisement.

Crafting a film in conjunction with a highly professional video editing firm like Good Eye Deer. They will be able to help you from the beginning to the end of the creative process.

Not all firms house creative talent, and sometimes marketers are actually the worst people to creatively sell an idea, thanks to a lack of understanding of what a customer really wants to see, and what their tastes adhere to.


Make a Real Impact With Your Marketing


A small, short film with a tight, interesting story that promotes your product will give more benefits than simply gaining views. It will tell your viewers exactly what your firm is about, and will sell a theme.

For example, look at the Jack Daniels promotional short films that often enter cinemas. They usually include sepia, oaken filters and grizzled actors who sell the rugged, macho, integrity vibe that whiskey drinkers for the most part enjoy.


Make a Real Impact With Your Marketing #4

A creatively made film will allow you to SHOW your audience what you are about, as opposed to TELL them. This is the greatest benefit of giving your audience a film to watch. By the end, they have naturally become invested in

By the end, they have naturally become invested in it and will have an emotional attachment to your firm, even subconsciously.

Craft a film, export it to as many marketing formats as you can, and see the views roll in. It’s likely you’ll never have been involved in such a fun, creative marketing strategy.


Make a Real Impact With Your Marketing


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