Networking Events That Weave A Web Of New Clients

networking events

Networking events can be scary functions you seek to avoid, or a great opportunity for increasing your business. But what about creating your own?

Interactivity and personability are two of the key tools when it comes to building relationships in business. And the one perfect way to put these into practice is to create networking events.

While there are plenty of large-scale events that businesses use as a form of mass celebration or promotion, the most successful networking events are used for a slightly different purpose.

If you are trying to develop a successful relationship with a potential client, or you are merely trying to get to know the industry, creating a networking event is an excellent way to put you in the minds of people in your vicinity as a potential influencer.

So here are a few ways to pull off that perfect networking event.

networking events


Determine The Scope Of The Event

Figure out your purpose, especially when it comes to your own business. For example, you may want to get a detailed impression of the market as it stands, or to look at who are your competitors.

These will affect how you set up your networking events. Once you know the type of people that will be attending, it’s at that point you can create a suitable environment for the purposes of networking.

Is the event going to be a traditional sit-down type affair, or something that is aimed to have mass appeal? Whatever your decision, you need to make sure you have the appropriate venue for your event.

networking events


The Location

While the temptation is to go as cheap as possible, it’s not going to give the best impression to your fellow attendees. So you need to think carefully about where you’ll have your event. Remember, everything will reflect on your brand.

There are plenty of hotels in city center areas that provide function rooms for this type of event. However, the location depends on the type of businesses you are trying to attract.

If you are a start-up that’s trying to attract other dynamic small businesses, then you may wish to put networking events in a more thriving atmosphere like a bar. It’s best to keep the refreshments light and to have event staff on hand to make the process run as smoothly as possible.

If you have a more centralized location, this will generally ensure a higher number of attendees.

networking events


The Event

These type of networking events can go one of two ways. The event goes off without a hitch and everyone is sociable. Or,  there are those who may feel somewhat insecure which can make for an uneventful event!

So it is important for you, as its organizer, to facilitate a lot of mingling. You must make the effort to speak to every single person in the room and do what you can to make them feel comfortable.

Your role also includes introducing guests to each other.

It’s a very difficult skill to acquire, but you need to play matchmaker in this instance and because you may find two clients that aren’t perfect for you, but are perfect for each other.

Great networking events will always facilitate the need to have another one so always make sure that you follow up the event with trying to get some sort of feedback.

If the event goes well, it means not just more business now, but the snowballing effect of referrals means it will have an excellent impact further down the line.

networking events

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