Reliable Marketing Options for Your Budget

reliable marketing options

Reliable marketing options are open to interpretation depending on who is selling. So what’s the argument for new suggestions?

Any new injection of cash to your firm is worthy of celebration. If it’s your first cash injection, even more so!

This obviously means you have been approved for some form of loan or investment from a wealthy party. In this instance, it means you have the credibility and backing to be worthy of someone’s funding.

This is an exciting milestone in the progression of your business!


You have your product line all sorted, your staff working overtime, so now all that remains are reliable marketing options.

However, ‘marketing’ isn’t a one and done deal. As this blog should have informed you by now, marketing can be a complex and multifaceted pursuit, and should be taken with some care.

Placing your funds in the wrong places can literally be the same as flushing money down the toilet, just like marketing to the wrong people can be.


What follows is advice about the best modern places to apply your newly found marketing budget with reliable marketing options.

You needn’t apply them all, but prioritizing which ones are important to you can give you a leg up as soon as you start applying the money you’ve found.


reliable marketing options

Reliable Marketing Options

Sometimes, having a solid marketing plan can help justify yourself to the loan firm such as, making it easier to secure that coveted cash injection which you truly desire.


Social Media

Social media is simply the best place to invest your marketing budget these days, but more specifically targeted social media ads work. You likely already know that social media is the new marketing frontier, so why even talk about it?

Well, you need to stay aware of the trends that can make someone browsing the social media app on their phone interested in what you have to say.

Videos with taglines in the thumbnail such as ‘You’ll never guess how x product works,’ will immediately set them up with the premise.

Many ‘clickbait’ articles exist around the internet with titles such as those, but none of them are instantly playable like a video hosted on a timeline is.

This natural method of appearance through either a friend sharing or hosting your video through a host can become the best way of getting maximum yet unintrusive exposure.


reliable marketing options


Twitch is a subsidiary of Amazon, and it began life as a video gaming streaming platform. Luckily, it has since become the de facto place to host live shows, creative projects and even repeats of television shows, and has a bustling community of people using it in the hundreds of millions each year.

The videos have advertisements which luckily avoid ad blocks, meaning that you can embed your advertisements to a massive desktop or phone audience, even those taking measures to avoid all forms of advertising.

It’s one thing to invest heavily in advertising, it’s another to have a simple browser extension completely destroy your hopes of exposure for your intended audience.

Try one of more of these reliable marketing options and see the difference made to your business.


reliable marketing options

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