Are You Ready To Launch? The Essential Startup Checklist

ready to launch

Are you ready to launch a new business as a first-time entrepreneur? Chances are you’re wondering if you’ve covered all your bases when it comes to launching your startup.

After all, there have been hours and hours of work put into this so far. Coming up with the idea was the easy part! Translating that vision into a potential revenue stream is something else entirely.

Take a quick coffee break, and see if you’re ready to launch with this essential start-up checklist:


A Plan, A Strategy, A Defined Journey

Whatever you want to call it, you need an objective or a goal that you want to achieve. Perhaps you’re building an eStore, or setting up a photographic studio?

Set yourself a target then define the actions you need to take to be ready to launch. Plan everything as much as possible, and set yourself milestones. Your first might be to acquire your first client or make your first $1000.

Perhaps you’ll achieve that by selling a portrait photo or selling ten units through your store. Write it down – you need something to strive for, a point of being, a reason for all this work!


ready to launch

Public Face

Make sure your website is up and running. Add plenty of interesting content to help build trust. Start with a search for top web hosting for your site.

Use WordPress, Blogger, or a simple HTML template with your office package. Make sure it looks good by using great images and a professionally created brand logo. This is your public face.

Use it across social media, for any PR and press releases, and in all your customer communications.


ready to launch

A Promotion

Every launch needs something exciting and enticing to attract attention. Undercut the competition, offer added value, or a simple goody bag of merchandise.

Promote, promote, promote to get those orders in on launch day. You don’t have to pay for advertising, but you do need to get the word out. Set up a teaser campaign a day or two before your formal launch date. Sow the seeds! Make it easy for others to share.

Ask your friends and family to get the ball rolling when you are ready to launch. Ask for an endorsement from an influencer with a lot of followers.


ready to launch

Launch Quietly Before The Big Event

To ensure you can take, process and deliver your orders, it’s important to be up and running before your official big launch. Things go wrong, and mistakes are made. It’s better you find the problems before thirty people turn up demanding your attention.

It also gives you a chance to garner a few good reviews, develop a case study, and get those all-important photos for your promotional material.


ready to launch

Double Check Your Figures

Once you’ve had one or two orders, you should double check your pricing strategy and structure one last time, especially on your promotions.

Where is your break-even point and how can you guarantee you reach it? Is it likely you’ll bring in enough revenue to justify the time you put in and the costs you outlaid?

If not, start tweaking the figures and bring it all back into the black. Follow these tips and be ready to launch your new enterprise. Good luck.


ready to launch

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