From Office To Eco Paradise: Going Green In The Workplace

going green

An office provides a lot of opportunities for going green and being eco-friendly.

With the rise of global warming, it is becoming increasingly important for people to take the opportunity for going green and being sustainably responsible.

If you want to revamp your office and turn it into a place which is great for the environment; here’s how.

General Tips for Going Green

  •         Try and purchase products which are eco-friendlier such as refillable pens and staple-less staplers
  •         Purchase recycled material such as paper.
  •         Cut down on the use of products such as rubber bands which can’t be recycled
  •         Make sure your office has a strict recycling procedure


going green


The Printer

When it comes to your printer, the most simple tip we can provide is to try and avoid printing anything which is unnecessary. You may find that there are certain things you need to print out, and that’s fine; just try to minimise it as much as possible. Next up, as we said above, try to always purchase recycled paper to use in the printer, and when you do print a large document; print on both sides of the paper.



Never leave your computer on at night. Even though it might mean a couple of extra seconds loading everything up in the morning, it’s not a huge amount of time out of your day; and it’s better for the health of your computer. If you aren’t using the computer, don’t leave it in standby mode. It uses a lot of electricity which isn’t necessary.


going green



When you aren’t in the room; turn the lights off. An even better idea is to make all of the lights in the office motion sensors ones, meaning that the bathroom and corridors turn off after 5 minutes of not being in use.

Replace your lightbulbs with energy efficient LED alternatives.


Heating and Cooling

If you want to know more about eco-friendly heating options, you can first look at these Interesting Facts about Solar Hydronic Heating.

Using solar panels on your roof is a great option for you as it draws energy from the light of the sun rather than traditional heating. It’s cheaper and better for the environment.


going green


Other Tips for Going Green

Make sure that you have recycling bins in a visible place in the office. Ideally, near to the door and in the kitchen. This means that your employees won’t forget and throw everything in the regular trash.

Buy some real mugs and glasses for the office, don’t let your employees use paper cups because they are bad for the environment.


going green


If you can buy coffee filters made out of recycled paper, you’ll be able to save even more and it will be much better for the environment than using regular paper filters.

Add some green to the office. Having at least one plant in your office can help to clean the air and add a touch of green to the place.

You can make a rota for who has to water the plant each week to get everyone involved. Just don’t let someone name it Planty McPlantface.

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