Successful Marketing Event Checklist

successful marketing event

You will need a successful marketing event checklist to ensure your promotion  hits all the right targets.

Marketing is all so focused on the digital elements these days. It’s all about social media engagement and search engine optimization.

Nobody can deny the importance of all of that stuff but it’s taken over completely and people often overlook the effectiveness of the more traditional approach.Such as a successful marketing event.

Engaging with customers online is one thing, but there’s still something to be said for meeting them face to face. It’s easier to make a proper connection with somebody and ensure that you stick in their mind if you meet them in person.

One of the best ways to meet a huge amount of potential customers in a short space of time is to have your own marketing event.

In one day you can make a lasting impression on hundreds of potential customers, and make loads of valuable contacts.

Putting on a successful marketing event takes more than a few sandwiches and a couple of presentations. You need to put together a good guest list and make sure they actually come.

Then you need to make sure that they have a memorable day while they’re there. If you’re planning on investing some of your budget in a marketing event, follow this successful marketing event checklist to make sure you don’t waste it.


successful marketing event


Follow Regulations


When you’re putting on a big event there’s going to be rules and regulations that you have to follow. If you try to skirt around them there are a few problems you might run into.

Firstly, you might put your potential customers in danger which is a surefire way to put them off dealing with you.

When you’re setting up the event, make sure you hire  machines for fire installation systems to check that all of the alarms are in working order. You should also check that there is a clear evacuation strategy in the event of a fire.

As well as putting people in danger, you could also draw a lot of bad press if you set up an event that is dangerous.


successful marketing event


Invite The Right People


The biggest mistake you can make is packing the place with anybody and everybody that will agree to come. Every person that attends is going to cost you money so there are limits to the number of people you can invite.

Wasting those invites on people that aren’t going to be valuable contacts means you won’t have room for people that are. It’s better to go for quality over quantity.


successful marketing event


Good Content


People aren’t going to agree to come to your marketing event if there’s nothing for them there. The promise of a few lackluster presentations and some free coffee isn’t enough of a draw to get the biggest players in the industry to come along.

You need to get some great keynote speakers in that will encourage people to come to the event. A good range is also important because if people lose interest in a presentation, you want them to be able to find something else, otherwise, they’ll just leave before you can get anything valuable from them.


successful marketing event


The Takeaway

You ideally want the people who attend your event to leave with something – or rather, several somethings. Business cards are a must. There should be plenty of places for your attendees to drop their business cards and room for exchanges too. You can pack takeaway bags too. Think about what is useful, though. Pens, notebooks, business card holders, reusable coffee cups. Go for quality over quantity.

Charging businesses to add their marketing materials in there, but adding a few of your own too. Ideally, you want to add something that stands out and speaks to your attendees. has a massive range of cool items that will not be forgotten.

First impressions really matter, but the takeaway can make a more significant impact in the long run. Give the attendees of your event something to remember you by.

If you nail these three aspects you’ll come away from your successful marketing event with some valuable contacts and a significant boost in sales.

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