Personal Touch: Bring Back Face-To-Face Marketing

personal touch

The personal touch could be the old-fashioned marketing advantage your business needs.

In a digital age; the majority of business marketing is carried out online. However, getting a sense of who you are as a brand can be a challenge when there’s no personal touch through a screen. Especially when you’re a smaller business in a heavily saturated market full of big budgets and corporations.

Therefore, getting out and about in your local area and the surrounding towns and cities, is the best way to self-promote and give people your brand identity on a face-to-face basis.

When it comes to small, independent brands; people appreciate the story behind the product or service and will invest in the personality and character of the business.

Going to the right places, giving a personal touch, letting the public know who you are, and where to find you, will give them an incentive to seek for you online. And you’ll increase your potential consumer traffic as a result.

The following are some tips and ideas for those who need to boost their company’s promotion and are willing to meet their target audience in person and with a rare personal touch.


personal touch

Markets And Festivals

Setting up a stall, stand, or tent at a relevant market or festival, that relates to your business, is a great way to meet your target audience and gauge their reaction to what you have on offer.

Ask people who approach your stall questions that will provide you with valuable information and feedback. You’ll be killing two birds with one stone, by conducting personal touch market research as you promote your brand.

Tempt them to come in with some edible, music, or a conversation, and make sure they leave with all of your contact details and where they can find you.


personal touch

Business cards and leaflets are a must, and for an added surprise; you can use websites like who can pop your logo and branding across a multitude of items.

Give your potential customers something they’ll use regularly, and they’ll have a daily reminder about your business and might just head your way, instead of another company, when they need something.

Leaving a warm, friendly, and positive impression on your visitors will ensure that they return to invest in you, and will continue your business promotion by telling their friend and family about who you are.


personal touch

Networking Events

Business networking events are the perfect chance for the personal touch to build relationships with other company owners, share ideas, and learn from their experience.

If you’re both from a similar area; you can discuss joint marketing and helping each other promote their business through special offers and deals.

Strong business to business relationships can help to boost a brand’s marketing as you’ll automatically be seen by the other company’s audience and vice versa.

So, head to the event with a friendly demeanour and positive attitude, to attract the right contacts, and you could mutually benefit.

Make sure you carry your contact details and promotional material everywhere you go; you never know where or when you might strike up a conversation with a potential buyer, client, customer, or fellow business owner, so it’s worth being prepared.

People will remember you fondly if you’re informative and friendly, so be the person you’d like to bump into on the street when you’re out and about promoting your business with your unique personal touch.


personal touch

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