5 Event Trends Businesses Have To Hurdle

event trends

Event trends come and go from tupperware parties to speed dating. However, for businesses, the advancement of technology may have made a difference to event trends now.

Corporate events are the new king of marketing. Ten years ago, they were the best marketing technique a company never had. Nowadays, everyone giant corporations and SMEs use events to generate leads and revenue.

However, like all things in life, business event trends are subject to Darwinism. Yep, they change and adapt and evolve. Anyone who uses an outdated model of event marketing will suffer.

Mainly because it will turn the customer off, but also because it gives the competition an advantage.

Below, then, is a selection of event trends you will have to cover to be successful. Good luck.


Live Streaming


Facebook Live is a 90-minute resource which event hosters have to take seriously. Usually, the people in the room are the key to success. With live streaming, the customers at home are just as crucial.

Not only can it reach a wider audience, but a live stream can spark debate and conversation. “Hey, did you catch the event by X on Facebook the other day? It was awesome!” Word of mouth and new tech all rolled into one – it’s a brave new world.

event trends

Virtual Activities


Since the inception of Pokemon Go, VR has taken off in a big way. When hoards of people roam the streets for non-existent animals, you know it’s a craze.

And, it permeates into the business world. Clients and customers may not play, but they are curious. By implementing VR activities, these event trends becomes more creative and engaging.

Oh, and it’s kinda fun, too, which is always nice at a stuffy corporate event.

event trends

Personal Gifts


Barlens has a “planning an event FAQ” section which details frequently asked questions. In it, people ask all kinds of questions, ranging from how big the table should be to spit roasters. Don’t ask!

A question which more and more event hosts are asking is “how do I use personalised data?” Today, it is easy to glean info about a customer or client.

The trick is to take their likes and turn it into a gift. Pens and pencils are out and personalised pressies are in.

event trends

Personal Marketing


To give some a gift in person, they have to be within the vicinity. Without a successful marketing plan, this won’t happen. The good news is customer and client data is on hand to help once again.

As you know which type of customer is likely to attend, you can concentrate on a specific demographic. It’s also possible to do this with a geographical location, too.

Should you use VR, online marketing is also a consideration.

event trends



Many businesses see an event as an easy way to spend a couple of days. In reality, they are long and drawn out. Attendees have to listen to keynote speeches, mingle with others and listen to endless PR pitches.

It’s exhausting, which is why sensory lounges are gaining traction. In a relaxation room, people can chill and mix without the hassle of the event.


Events are excellent resources as long as you know how to use them correctly.

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