Setting The Tone: Are Your Business Premises Making The Right Impression?

making the right impression

When making the right impression, did you know that it takes us around seven seconds to form a fist impression? If you own a business, this means that you’ve got to get it right from the outset.

You don’t get a second chance when making the right impression FIRST. So it pays to ensure that you set the tone from that initial  moment.

If you’re entertaining clients or investors or you’re trying to attract customers, think about what your business premises say about you.

When you’re keen to build a solid relationship and seal the deal, you’ll need these top tips and tricks for making the right impression.

making the right impression


Take a walk in your client’s shoes

Think about yourself as a customer or a client for one moment. When you approach the office, the store or the building, what do you think? What kinds of thoughts come into your mind? What are your initial observations?

Do you have a positive reaction or is there room for improvement? Your business premises should be an extension of your brand and everything your business stands for.

If you were looking for a restaurant, you would be reluctant to go into a place that looked dirty. If you were thinking of investing in a new venture, you may think twice about backing somebody who had a messy office or broken windows in the foyer.

If you were searching for a window cleaner, you may not be impressed if a rusty, rickety old van pulled up outside. Looks are important, and they can make all the difference.

Take that walk in your customer’s hoes, note down any changes you could make and address concerns swiftly. You may just need to read some reviews of the best pressure washers and put a few potted plants and trees outside to make the exterior more attractive. Or you may decide to overhaul your brand and give it a more professional, sophisticated look.

making the right impression

Ask for feedback

No matter what kind of business you run, feedback is incredibly useful. Ask your clients and customers questions and take their comments on board.

You could leave a suggestions box in the reception or send out a short and simple text or email survey. Listen to what people tell you and make the necessary changes.

Your customers may have brilliant ideas about how you could make the space more aesthetically pleasing, or they may have suggestions to improve the practicality or functionality of the building.

making the right impression


Motivate your employees

Styling your business premises is not always about impressing clients. It’s also beneficial to motivate your employees and encourage them to be inspired by their surroundings.

If you have an office, for example, you want that space to be somewhere your employees can focus and concentrate, but you also want it to be a place they can be creative.

Productivity is linked to the working environment and employees who are happy in their surroundings are likely to perform better. How would you feel if you sat in a drab, dated room typing away all day, every day?

Add some splashes of color, brighten the room up with as much natural light as possible and inject some interest with plants, framed prints and stylish furniture.

In business, it pays to create positive vibes when making the right impression. If you feel like you could do better, why not consider making some changes to your business premises today?

making the right impression

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