Collaborative Working Strengthens Your Marketing Efforts

collaborative working

Collaborative Working: How To Use It To Strengthen Your Marketing Efforts

Collaborative working is somewhat of a buzz word in the business world. It’s something that people strive to achieve across a range of industries, but especially in creative areas like marketing.

There are some great ways that you can develop a closer working team to help you improve your marketing efforts, as well as other areas of the business.

Take a look at some suggestions on how you can form your dream marketing team through boosting your collaborative working efforts.

Role reversal

One effective way to help everyone in your team understand everyone’s roles and responsibilities is to have them shadow each other’s work or even swap job roles for a day.

This helps more senior team leaders to understand the work of those in entry-level roles, while office juniors get a taste of what it’s like to work on the more strategic end of things.

Shadowing has been found to help people be better at their jobs, and it’s a great way for teams to understand the pressures that each member is under.


collaborative working

Design a workspace that fosters creativity

If you take a look at modern businesses like Facebook and Google, you’ll see that their offices are open, spacious and have inviting breakout areas that allow for easier collaboration.

Adapting your workspace into something more fit-for-purpose could help you encourage team members to work closely together on projects.

While hot-desking could help your team get to know each other better and stop cliques forming that can hamper team-wide collaborative working.


collaborative working

Make brainstorms a regular thing

Brainstorming is not a new technique, and you only need to watch a couple of episodes of Mad Men to see how it benefits the marketing industry.

Rather than having your team compete to generate the best ideas, see what happens when your team brainstorms instead.

There are tried and tested brainstorming methods that can help to generate great ideas, and you should aim to have sessions as often as possible.

A weekly or fortnightly look at the work ahead can help throw some good suggestions into the mix, as well as let all people within the team have their say.


collaborative working

Away days can help inform longer strategic plans

Many people underestimate the importance of team away days, but they can be extremely vital to teams. While you should incorporate team building and social activities, you should also aim to inspire your teams through influential talks and seminars.

Creative initiatives like Afterburner Australia can really give you some food for thought, and help your team approach their work differently.

Use your away day to help inform longer-term plans and workstreams, helping to find new ways of working that boost your results.


collaborative working

Setting an objective for more collaborative working is a great way to start off the year. It’s important to have new year’s resolutions for your business that can improve your business’ performance over the next twelve months.

Focus on building a team that can work well together for more effective, more creative marketing results that will give your business a boost for 2018.

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