Putting Out Small Business Fires

business fires

Small business fires can affect profitability and productivity if not dealt with effectively… and I don’t mean business fires caused by an electrical fault.

When you own a small business, regardless of its size, there are going to be business fires that break out. As the business owner, putting them out is 100% your responsibility.

You can’t expect to never have an IT issue, an employee break down, a workplace injury (which can be helped with these 7 tips for workplace safety – https://littlecomputerpeople.com.au/computer-repairs-richmond/) or a shortage of tea bags in the break room.

Business fires that seem huge can be a simple fix, and ones that are tiny can have much bigger consequences. While you’re in charge, it’s all on you to get everything back to working order with as little disruption as possible.

To do this, you may need to call in some backup, but most business fire fighting can be done by being a good manager and understanding people.

Even if it’s just yourself – knowing how to step out of the situation and manage it properly will be what ensures that the issue can be resolved quickly and effectively.


business fires

Calling the cavalry

If you find yourself in a business fires situation where you need help ensure you know exactly who to call. For an actual it-burns-when-you-touch-it fire, call the fire service. The emergency services are there to help, and if you think you need them then you probably do.

However, don’t mistreat the emergency hotline; if no one is in any physical danger, then try the non-emergency number, or call your local police station, fire station, or first aid response team for advice.

Other than emergencies, you might need to call https://littlecomputerpeople.com.au/computer-repairs-richmond/ for technical support if a computer or software crashes.

An electrical company for any wiring issues or faults in your office or home, or even the gas man for the corresponding issues in your building.


business fires

Defusing situations

A situation might arise between employees, or between yourself and an employee or client which will need defusing before someone gets hurt – either physically or emotionally.

With a client, remember that they are always right unless what they are asking is impossible or goes against yours, and your companies, morals and values. No client is worth jeopardising that.

However, rather than throwing a client out of the door, trying to convince them of another way or option should always be your go-to solution.

If business fires arise between employees then you might need to act as a mediator. Whereas you might feel like a parent scolding their children, under no circumstances should you belittle your employees.

Take charge of the situation and put an end to it before it escalates. In regards to an employee and you situation, don’t do anything hot-headed like firing them on the spot.

Send them home if needed, but give yourself time to call down and think of what’s best to do once any residual feelings have chilled out.


business fires

Over all…

…you need to stay calm. Resorting to anger, making rash decisions, or forgetting to remain in control will completely undermine your authority as well as allow any situations to get out of hand.

When it comes to the actual it-burns-when-you-touch-it fire, only use a fire blanket or fire extinguisher if you feel confident doing so, and as long as the fire is small enough to be managed in such a way.

Otherwise get everyone out – be calm and the leader of your little flock.

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