Employee Care : Look After Your Biggest Asset

employee care

Employee care can be one of the biggest issues employers face when it comes to productivity, loyalty, and company ambassadorship.

How many times have you worked at a company that has no demonstrative employee care? Whether it’s due to neglect or because they force you to work too much overtime, it’s incredibly difficult to cope with employers that don’t seem to care about you.

It demoralises you, it makes you feel like a drone, and it doesn’t help your relationship with them.

Unfortunately, lack of employee care happens all too often no matter what type of workplace you are in. You could be working in a big-name tech company or even a fast food chain—employee neglect is everywhere.

employee care

But if you’ve experienced this in the past, then you’ll no doubt understand what it feels like to be swept under the rug and have all your concerns ignored.

If you understand how bad it feels, then here are a couple of ways to prevent your own business from falling into the same lack of employee care habits.


Try and Relate to Your Employees

One of the best ways to show that you care is to try and relate to your employees. For instance, many companies emphasize luxuries when it comes to people in a position of power.

You can’t relate to your employees if you have your own personal parking space or if you always have company benefits that they don’t get. It’s not good to talk about these subjects because it can make them feel like they’re less valued than you are.

To counter this, try and put yourself on their level and stop trying to exceed them. A good example of this is putting your desk or office in the same room as everyone else. This will make it easy for you to speak to your employees and also makes you more approachable. In short, don’t put yourself on a pedestal.

Always try to ensure that you and your employees share the same benefits and have the same motivations.


employee care

Keep Them Protected

If you work in an area that is dangerous or comes with many threats, then make sure you show employee care and protect them as best you can.

A good example of this is ensuring your employees have the right insurance and protective gear. For instance, compensation for injured workers is a good start.

If your employees are covered for accidents that could happen on a construction site, then they will feel at ease in the event something happens like a machinery accident.

Protective gear is also important to give your employees another feeling of safety, and that you care.

Whether it’s hard hats on a building site, protective gear to shield them against harmful substances, or better chairs to help their posture at a desk, make sure you are taking their health into consideration.


employee care

Don’t Use Money as a Motivator

All smart entrepreneurs know that money makes the world go around, but it’s not the single driving force behind what makes a successful business.

When you have loyal staff working for you, one of the most important things to keep in mind is what motivates them to work hard. In most cases, it’s not money that motivates them, but rather the idea that they’re actually contributing to your company.

Employees love to hear that the last thing they worked on help to contribute to a successful promotion. Or perhaps their latest ideas were taken on board and changes were made to the company as a result.

There are many ways to make employees happy, and motivating them by giving them feedback and letting their decisions matter is far more important than money.

Another good way to motivate employees is with the promise of having a higher position in the future. Perhaps you’ll turn loyal employees into senior members. Or perhaps you’ll have other positions open in the future that relate to management and give your employees a sense of belonging in your company.

People want to make a difference in the companies they work for, so understanding their needs and taking their ideas on board is an effective way of boosting their motivation.


employee care

Final Words

Employees are at the heart of your business and if you don’t look after them, your company will suffer a long and painful death.

The last thing you want is toxic employees that poison the office culture you’ve worked hard to build.

It can result in lots of arguments, employees losing motivation and it could even cause your workers to lose their faith in you as a leader.

Work on building a warming office culture where your employees feel like they make a difference and your company will grow exponentially.

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