Consumer Gateway: Improving Your Customer Service Through Marketing

Have you considered your consumer gateway lately? As you expand your business, things start to come into focus. You begin to realize what the important part of the business really is for you.At the consumer gateway is pivotal to that.

Everybody has their own opinion as to what’s important in customer relations and a consumer gateway. Whether it’s the culture from within your organization, or the productivity, improving the relationship between you and your customer is crucial.

However, improving your customer service skills isn’t just about what you say to them and how you say it. It’s also how you present your business through components like marketing. By doing this, you will be able to increase the lifetime value of a customer, which is imperative to the profitability of your company.

So what are the simple ways for you to improve your business via your customer service?

A Consumer Gateway Must Be User-Friendly

If something is difficult to use, it puts us all off going back. The website is a prime example of this. If you look at the state of your website right now, is it really easy to use? It might be for you. However, for someone who doesn’t use the internet much, or has no concept of navigating around an e-commerce website, it can struggle.

There are companies like Studio 44 Web Design that can look at your website, and provide a thorough reimagining so customers can find things with ease. But also, with things like your call to action button, social media links, and other communication components, they become easier to find.

User-friendliness is all about getting the customer to go on that journey. If they can’t do it, they won’t come back.

Get Feedback From Your Customers

Linked to user-friendliness, getting feedback from the customer in how you operate is always a good idea. While this is something you can do through market research, if you aren’t able to get good feedback from the customer you might struggle to see if you are truly hitting the right demographics.

This means that your marketing materials aren’t useful, and you are slowly hemorrhaging custom. Getting feedback isn’t just about the customer filling out a form after a purchase; it’s about reaching out to them through things like social media. This could be an important consumer gateway for your business.

Establishing that relationship with the customer via social media is easier than ever, and this can be a double-edged sword. As customers feel more inclined to speak with you, they will tell you what they really think. So be careful, beware, take it on board!

Stop Cold Calling!

We live in an age where this truly doesn’t work. People are savvy to cold calls. We have to remember that everyone has a phone on their person, so they don’t want to be bombarded with calls.

Stop doing this and find other ways to communicate with the customer in a way that they would prefer. Cold calling used to be one of the main ways to drum up support and custom. However, now it appears to be more of a nuisance than anything. It’s NOT a good consumer gateway anymore.

It’s far better for you to send out an email if you want to at least attempt cold calling in a more hands-off method. But these days, through social media, referrals work much better than cold calling.

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