Lost Your Mojo? 4 Ways to Find a Career that Truly Moves You

Lost your mojo? We feel you. When you were young, and people asked you what career path you wanted to take, you probably always had a ready answer.

However, as you grow up, this may change due to life experiences and circumstances. You likely found yourself doing something different than you imagined. It’s possible you’ve lost your mojo.

Nowadays, unlike in the past, it is possible to change your career path at any time instead of sticking with one after graduating college until retirement. If you find you’ve lost your mojo, here are ways to find the right career for you.

Lost Your Mojo? Then Network like A Demon!

When looking at a career, it’s easy to see what it might be, but not what it is in reality. To ensure you aren’t getting yourself into another job that will kill your mojo, network before making applications or attending interviews.

Group of happy multiracial young people sharing ideas and having conversation while coffe break at business meeting at office, panorama

Through networking during events, you can gain insight into a career you’re eyeing from people already in the field. This way, you get to know the skill-set and interests needed to meet the bar. After that, you can either change your mind and seek another career path, make an application, or seek training to better your skills and make you qualified for a role.

Establish future career goals

If your previous job didn’t meet particular goals, it is vital to set others to help you in your next search. Career goals also help you narrow down job options, making it easy to make advancements like taking on particular responsibilities or undergoing training.

With goals set, you can measure your progress yearly to determine what’s right for you. Before setting goals, understand what you want to achieve, your strengths, weaknesses, qualifications, and values.

Consult recruiters and headhunters or visit company websites

If you already know the industry you want to venture into or a dream employer, you can visit their website directly and track job openings. When you are set on finding the right career for you, create a list of dream employers and keep visiting their sites for slots.

Photo of business women having a meeting about the project.

Alternatively, you can seek professional help from headhunters and recruiters like cmr.com.au to match you with the right career. Many companies work with recruiting agencies to help them hire employees who fit particular vacancies, and you could be one of them.

Identify your interests

Your interests play a significant role in determining the career that suits you. Examine previous activities you took part in and enjoyed, volunteer experiences, and hobbies; they lend themselves to different jobs. When you’ve lost your mojo, finding joy in your next career, whether short-term or long-term, can help you regain your feeling of success, happiness, and energy. Apply for volunteer opportunities or short-term job positions in line with your interests as you explore other career options.

Losing your mojo can make you feel like there’s nothing right going on in your life. However, it can also signify that you’re due for your next career path. Become a leader by taking charge of your life and find the career that truly moves you. Establish your career goals, network, identify your interests, and seek professional help. When you’ve lost your mojo, only YOU can find it again. However, you can use these tips and find support to help you along the way.

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