Old Dogs Won’t Learn New Tricks, But Your Marketing Team Sure Can

new tricks marketing

The business world is insanely competitive these days, so you’ll need some new tricks marketing in your arsenal. No matter what industry you’re working in, you’re going to be facing pressure to stay ahead of the game and keep your position in the lead. That’s easier said than done, particularly when you’re focusing on old forms of marketing.

Do you need to rethink the effectiveness of your promotional flyers and billboards? Maybe you need to be thinking about new tricks marketing such as online videos, viral media, live streams and social networks. These are the new ways to market your business and guarantee you reach the most customers. Let’s think about how to use each of these new forms of marketing effectively.

new tricks marketing

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Online Video Promotion

In the past, if you wanted to create video advertisements for your business it would be incredibly expensive. Very few companies could afford to invest in such a possibility. Not anymore, because now production and broadcasting costs are taken off your hands. Instead, you can hire a video production team to design the perfect ad for your business. Once it’s complete with all the images and information, upload it to Youtube and other social media.

If your ad is fun or stylish, it will attract the attention of customers. If it isn’t, you can still get customers interested using SEO. Share it and get customers to share it as well. You’ll reach a far greater audience than you ever would with a TV ad. The best part is that these ads create a targeted approach. You’ll be able to connect directly with people interested in buying your products.

new tricks marketing

Source : Pixabay.com

Viral Media

Viral media is an easy-to-achieve new tricks marketing tactic if you know how. You can start by creating fun pieces of content for your business website or blog. Alternatively, get a marketing agency to create content for you. Then, share them on social media or post them on your website. Once you do this, two things will happen.

The first is that your search ranking will steadily rise as information is shared. The second is a massive boost in your online reach. You’ll soon find that new people are following your social profiles and visiting your website. Of course, viral marketing isn’t quite as simple as this. It’s all about making sure you connect with the customer. To do this, professional marketers suggest you tell a story rather than just providing random information.

new tricks marketing

Source : Pixabay.com

Live Streams & Social Media

Finally, you need to think about setting up live streams on social media. Using a live stream, you can interact and engage customers in an exciting new way. Rather than just posting information, you can contact them directly. They can respond to the live feed instantly and give you fresh marketing data.

Is your approach effective? Are they responding to your campaign? All this and much more will be revealed through reactions to live media. Don’t forget that you can also promote your business by replying to clients through social media. Respond to a Tweet or ‘like’ a Facebook post and you will immediately gain more interest from potential customers.

I hope you see that you need to stop focusing on old school marketing and learn new tricks marketing to pave the way for your future promotion.

Are You Using Your Marketing Opportunities Like You Should Be?

new tricks marketing

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