How To Maximize Your Digital Marketing Efficiency

Digital Marketing Efficiency

The modern customer base never sits still. Marketing conventions are constantly changing, and the businesses that gain a real advantage are often the ones that aren’t afraid to try new ideas.


In this kind of environment, it can be very hard to get your marketing team running as efficiently as possible, and churning out the kind of ideas that will make a difference.

You can’t change the modern arena, but here are some things you can do to maximise your digital marketing efficiency.


Digital Marketing Efficiency


Re-evaluate your Annual or Quarterly Planning Method

Your guys in marketing can always get better at planning, even when you feel you’ve got the process as good as it’s going to get. Try going through your activities from last year, and assessing how well they turned out, bearing in mind the strategic objectives that you had for that period.

If anything didn’t work, pin down where things went wrong, and replace this step with a completely different process, or at least modify it to try and achieve a better outcome.

The next time you get stuck into a session of planning, make sure you’re being realistic about your approval and turnaround times. If you’re giving your online marketing guys demanding targets in too short a timeframe, you’re only going to annoy the people you pay to be creative!


Digital Marketing Efficiency


Cultivate a Culture with a Focus on Teamwork

Everyone likes to feel like they’re part of a team at work, especially when they’re tackling especially demanding projects. When people in your marketing team feel like they mesh together with the other individuals in the department, effective, efficient output from the whole team will be much easier to ensure.

You may want to try tweaking the format of marketing meetings and brainstorming sessions for campaigns, making them more conducive to teamwork and collaboration. When these values become part of the routine, everyone on your marketing team will become much more receptive to new ideas and approaches to problems.

Stimulate a culture in which every individual member works to support the others, and when the have a particularly notable achievement, be sure to celebrate it.

Even little tokens like a muffin basket for the team can fortify a more efficient company culture, and help everyone feel like another part of a team, rather than individuals working for their own gain.


Digital Marketing Efficiency


Promote Active Time Management

Start encouraging everyone on your marketing team to be proactive about managing their own time, and make it easier for them to achieve the goals they set each day.

Start filling up or re-aligning any vague gaps in your calendar so that you don’t get interrupted by any random meetings or wasted time that will delay you in achieving your goals.

Limit the time that your marketing team spends on things like email and social media, unless of course they need to use these things as part of a current campaign.

Balance this out with longer designated breaks and rewards for both your management and your employees when they’ve shown great initiative and productivity.

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