Is Your Business Website Boring?

Is Your Business Website Boring?

Is your business website boring? How would you know?

You’re a clued up business owner. You know the internet and a vibrant online presence is vital when it comes to running a modern business. So you’ve done it: a check in the box, you’ve got the social media accounts and – of course – you’ve got your business website.


So, job done, right?


Not necessarily. You see, business websites are the foundation of your online presence. People can stumble across your business via your social media efforts, but hopefully, that will then direct them to your website. But is your business website boring?

Maybe you sell goods through the site, or just want your site to be an open ad that will interest people enough to know more – all valid ways of using your business website.


Is Your Business Website Boring?

However. There’s a truth that can only be solved by being acknowledged. A lot of business websites are – well – rather boring. The reason for this is simple; they’re being used with one goal in mind, which is to sell products or services.

That – in a crowded internet world – just isn’t enough. If you want someone to linger on your site, remember your business, return to  when they’re thinking of hiring or buying – THEN you need to give them a reason to stick around. THEN you need to give them a reason to keep coming back. A simple digital advert isn’t going to be sufficient.

Your site might be great functionally, but it’s only going to reach its optimal potential if you give it a reason to stand out. Of course, that doesn’t mean your site should neglect the fundamentals of SEO and a well-designed site that’s user friendly.


What you need is something in addition to all of that; that’s the foundation that you then need to construct on top of.


So – is your business website boring? How do you make it more interesting without diverting from its primary purpose?


1) Update It


So many business sites just sit there after they’re constructed, never being updated or changed. Not only does this make your business look stale, but it can even make potential customers wonder if you’re still in business. If they scan to the copyright notice and it’s three years out of date, you couldn’t blame them for presuming the site was dead.


The best method of updating is with a blog section. Even if you’re not interested in a blog, you can at least offer updates, links to offers, and an overview of the work you have recently been doing. Anything that ensures people know your business is still alive.


2) Offer Something To The Customer (Money Wise)


The most popular tactic here is to offer a discount code in exchange for a newsletter signup or a social media follow. This is used often because it’s effective. You get the business and you have a new customer to market to at will.


3) Offer Something To The Customer (Advice Wise)


Compiling a section of questions you are frequently asked is the easiest way of coming up with topics to keep your site relevant. Stay within your particular niche, offering specific relevant advice.

For example, if you sell home supplies, then you could write a blog post talking about how to drill an attachment for blinds on a window. It’s simple, effective, and relatively easy to put together.

Is Your Business Website Boring?


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