What Makes A Great Multi Channel Marketing Campaign?

multi channel marketing

Multi channel marketing is going to have to form part of your marketing lexicon if it hasn’t already.

In today’s fragmented digital environment, your target audience isn’t just in one place. Instead, they’re scattered over multiple platforms and come to your business from many different approaches.

The days of having a single marketing funnel are long gone. Companies need to integrate multiple channels if they are to stand a chance of being successful.

But what does that mean in practice? Here are some of the elements which determine the success of a multi channel marketing campaign.


multi channel marketing


Your Target Audience


According to online marketers at E-Web Marketing, companies need a multi channel marketing approach to maximize their results. But just because you’re communicating through many different channels doesn’t mean you need to spam every possible niche on the internet.

The success of a multi channel marketing approach still depends on the same variables as a single channel approach: your ability to understand your customer. Start off by building a customer persona: the type of person who regularly uses your company.

Consider their demographics and preferences based on sales data you’ve already collected. Then use this data to find suitable channels online. Work out where your advertising will be most effective.

Does your target audience spend more time on Facebook or Instagram? Do they prefer to be contacted directly or through online content? And what kind of media are they most interested in: text, pictures or video?

All this information can then be fed into your marketing campaign, allowing you to target the channels with the highest ROI.


multi channel marketing



The Consistency Of Your Message


When it comes to branding, consistency is key. Not being consistent across platforms is a surefire way to confuse customers reduce the impact of your campaigns. The trick, therefore, is to keep the same graphics, style, and messages across platforms, even if the form in which you convey your message differs dramatically from one channel to the next.

For instance, if your company is famous for being peaceful and mellow, then it makes no sense to have a serene YouTube advert while at the same time screaming at customers on your Twitter feed. It’s inconsistent and makes it difficult for people to get to know you.


multi channel marketing


The Extent You Optimize Delivery Across Channels


Consistency is important. But being too consistent and ignoring the advantages and limitations of various channels can make your marketing material look wooden. It goes without saying that the type of messages you communicate through marketing emails will differ significantly from those in your Twitter feed.


The Channels You Choose


Not all channels are suitable for all companies. For instance, restaurant owners probably don’t need to market on LinkedIn (unless of course, they’re looking for new staff). Because of the time and effort, it takes to launch a marketing campaign, your best bet is to stick to the channels you know your audience uses.

This throws your options wide open and helps to generate the best return on your investment. Make sure that you put your marketing dollars into channels which are already popular with your audience, not necessarily cutting edge platforms like Periscope which create a lot of buzz.


multi channel marketing


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