Going Solo? Marketing Made Easy For Independent Real Estate Agents

independent real estate agents

Independent real estate agents is a growing sector and more salespeople embrace being their own boss, and making more money.

There are lots of industries and sectors in which a professional’s goal is to leave behind employment and become independent so that they can work for themselves. One industry in which this is an extremely achievable goal is real estate. Most real estate agents spend a few years building up experience working with a company before setting themselves up as an independent real estate agents.


However, even though you have the knowledge and experience that you need to make it in the real estate industry, you won’t get anywhere if you aren’t very good at marketing yourself. Worried that your marketing could hold you back? Here are some useful tips that can help out all independent real estate agents.

Here are some useful tips that can help out all independent real estate agents.


Create Your Own Website


First of all, you need to make your own website. Even if you have your own office where customers can visit you, you will still need an online presence as so many people find new businesses online these days. Your website needs to have all of your contact details on it so that you are can easily be reached by potential new customers.

Websites are now very easy to build and maintain. Create your own brand around being one of your area’s top independent real estate agents.


independent real estate agents


Fix Your Website’s SEO


It’s all well and good having your very own website. However, without good SEO on the site there is no way anyone will find your business through Google searches. There are various ways you can improve your site’s SEO, but one of the best is by generating leads to your site.

There are websites like inboundrem.com that can help you do this. You will also find that starting a company blog on your site will also help improve your SEO rating and can help your website rise up through the rankings. With many people searching for independent real estate agents you want Google to find you first!


Go To Real Estate Conferences And Expos


Now that you are independent, you will need to start to make your name in the real estate industry. One way to get your new business out there so that everyone knows about it is to go to industry conferences and expos. That way, you will meet other industry experts and can make some connections in the sector. You will find that getting to know more people will help to increase your chance of getting referrals.


independent real estate agents


Create A Brand


You need to ensure that you are memorable. If you aren’t, you and your new business will struggle to stand out against all of your competitors. So, you need to consider what your niche is and what makes you different from all the other real estate agents. You then need to create a brand for yourself around this niche.

If you aren’t sure how to do this, you can get a branding company to help you, such as abrandcompany.com.  They will help you come up with a brand that will appeal to your target customers and audience.


Going solo in the real estate world can be quite difficult at first. But, once you get your marketing all sorted out, you will start to find that customers start to flock to you and your new company.


independent real estate agents

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