Product Shipment Problems Solved

product delivery

Product shipment has become a more logistical and strategic issue than ever thanks to the global market our world has become.

These days, more and more companies are moving to online platforms. Even though your physical store might be very profitable, it’s also a good idea to join this exodus to online stores as well.

That’s because it opens up your company to a completely new group of customers enabling you to reach more people than ever before.


However, online commerce isn’t completely without its problems. In fact, there is one that all online sellers will need to try and figure out how to overcome: product shipment.

Posting out your products can be very expensive, and you need to figure out how to balance this cost.

Here are some great product shipment pointers that can help you.


product delivery

Shop Around For The Best Courier Service


First of all, you will need to spend some time researching all of the different courier companies that you could possibly ship your products with.

There are lots of different firms out there, including will all charge different prices and offer different postal services, so it’s necessary to take a look through everything each firm offers to see which suits your needs for the best possible price.

If you go with one company, you don’t have to stick with them forever. For instance, some companies regularly change their prices, so if your courier raises their shipping costs, it’s worth taking your business elsewhere so that you can save some cash.


product delivery

Consider Delivering Your Goods Yourself


If you think that most of your local couriers are very expensive, you could simply cut out the middleman and start shipping your goods yourself.

This is a lot easier than what you might think! You just need to get some vans or trucks from and hire some of your own delivery drivers.

You’ll then be able to ensure your products get to your customers in a timely manner and in one piece without worrying about another courier.


product delivery

Research Regulations In Different Countries


If you are shipping your products internationally, you will need to know all about the regulations of each country that you post to.

For instance, it is illegal to ship foreign calendars to Vietnam. If you weren’t aware of that and tried to import your own calendars to some Vietnamese customers, you might end up in some hot water!

So, double check all the rules and regulations of the countries you ship to, just in case you are actually sending some things that have been outlawed!


product delivery

Think About Who Should Shoulder The Cost


Finally, you need to figure out who should pay for the postage and packaging. Most companies will charge this to the customer.

As long as the charge isn’t too excessive, most customers will be happy to pay. But if you are a new company and still need to attract a customer base, it could be worth offering free postage and packaging until you have built up a loyal following!


Good luck solving your product shipment problems using these great tips.

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