Business Advertising: Could You Be Doing More? Let’s Explore

business advertising

Business advertising is often imperative when you are a start-up, if you have tough competition and when you want to be seen to be innovative. So… could you be doing more?

Starting up your business may have you buzzing with excitement and then feeling completely overwhelmed all at the same time. It is one of those things that you just can’t control.

You have the sheer determination to make it happen, but in the same breath you have the desire to make it a success. This is when your business advertising can come into its own. But could you be doing more to make the most of the opportunities you could have?

I wanted to explore some of the ways you can fine tune your business advertising to ensure that you get the most out of the things you choose to do.

business advertising

Scheduled and edited posts for social media


A great avenue for business advertising is through social media. Statistics now show that people spend a huge chunk of their spare time looking through their social media feeds and connecting with others. Businesses can really take advantage of this.

Consider scheduling your posts and editing them to ensure you are portraying your brand effectively and consistently. Do some research into the best times to post online so that you can take advantage of a more engaged audience.

business advertising

Packaging and labels to ensure continuity of the brand


The experience with your customer doesn’t stop the moment they click the button to purchase. Ensure you have continuity of your brand through the packaging and also a timely dispatch time for delivery.

This is when online labels that can be customised for your business advertising and brand can become very useful and an effective way to add your brand to any standard packaging items.

business advertising

Focusing on photography for online and physical advertisements


It’s often images that are the main contender and decision making factor when it comes to customers buying or trying your product or service. Your online photography and images combined with your social media are going to be of great importance to you.

Your photography is a selling point to your products, so you may want to spend the time and invest in how you take the picture. Ensuring that you capture the perfect shot.

Or contact a professional marketing photographer to create perfect pictures that demonstrate the strength and message of your brand.

business advertising

Thinking outside of the box in terms of what you do


Finally, why not try and think outside of the box when it comes to advertising? There is so much focus on supporting small businesses that you could use relevant hashtags to help your business get noticed.

It is also quite trendy to shop locally and support local businesses, so why not try and get involved with the local community? Even if you are an online company you could still sponsor local events and even set up pop-up shops at community events.

Thinking outside of the box could help you to be seen in a different way.


I hope that sharing with you some of these options has inspired you when it comes to advertising your business.

business advertising

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