Four Factors That Lead To Poor Performance In The Workplace

poor performance

Poor performance in the workplace can be caused by a variety of factors. However ALL solutions to solve it lie with the business owner.

Employees need to be on point if a business is going to be successful. From output and efficiency to lead generation, the workforce impacts almost every facet of a firm… as does poor performance.

Sadly, human beings are not machines and they can have bad days. For the most part, a business has to accept this fact and move forward.

However, when it starts to happen regularly, the company has to act to limit the damage caused by poor performance. With that in mind, below are four factors which are notorious for impacting employee performance, and the solutions.


poor performance

Poor Performance Caused by Stress


The modern workplace is a pressure cooker which can blow at any moment. Sometimes, the responsibility is helpful as it pushes employees to be bigger and better.

However, not every person has the personality to deal with the pressures of a contemporary office. The fact is that some people need an arm around their shoulder and a kind word in their ear.

As a boss, you need to single these people out for special treatment. But, reducing the tension levels in the workplace is beneficial for everyone because it gives workers time to think and act clearly.

A common solution is to lengthen or abolish deadlines altogether.


poor performance

Poor Performance Caused by Personality Clashes


People will argue and fall out in a competitive environment. As long as they apologize and shake hands, there is nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, lots of people hold grudges, and they affect the entire office.

When there is a lack of trust, efficiency and output go down the drain. Allowing them to work it out is an option but one to treat with skepticism.

Typically, sitting both parties down and working through their differences is a direct method which gets results. A more subtle option is a team building event to force them to work together.


poor performance

Poor Performance Caused by the Work Environment


The team may be tight and the cortisol levels low, yet that doesn’t mean it’s smooth sailing. Often, there are little niggles which don’t appear to be a problem which escalate out of control. The office is a prime example.

Take a look around and analyze the surroundings – are they satisfactory? Even worse, are they below par? You may not see it but employees do because they have to work in the environment every day.

Therefore, a lack of light, especially in autumn and winter, can have an adverse effect. Thankfully, a commercial painting company can redesign the color scheme to make it pop.

Restructuring the layout is also an option.


poor performance

Poor Performance Caused by Bullying


Recent allegations show how far behind the industry is regarding harassment. Make no mistake – it happens all around the world. There are bound to be cases at the firm but it may not be public knowledge.

Or, the victims may ignore and chose to push forward. It goes without saying but every company needs a zero-tolerance policy on bullying and harassment.

The key is to create an atmosphere which makes it easy to report allegations. For example, HR may have a special department which deals with bullying cases. Or, there may be a union rep on site for impartiality.

Remember that protecting employees usually protects the business, too.

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