Keep Existing Customers by Enhancing Their Experience

existing customers

Existing customers should NOT be taken for granted. In fact, you should be actively finding ways to enhance the customer experience of those who already buy from you.

A business needs customers to be successful, right? It’s quite an obvious fact, I know. However, many business owners take existing customers for granted and assume they will continue to attract them.

Many business owners unknowingly fail to capitalise on existing customers with repeat business and referrals.

One way to encourage them, without you even asking, is to focus on the customer experience. Which is why I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can improve this aspect of your business.


existing customers

Be engaging and responsive on social media

Social media is the way forward for people these days. Many users, and your existing customers check their feeds on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram a few times each day.

So being present online through social media is actually one of the best marketing tools you have. However, many businesses miss a huge trick. It is all well and good being consistent and sharing content, but if you don’t respond to your customers or people who took the time to comment or ask you something, then you are missing out on new customers.

People want to feel valued, and showing appreciation and responding to comments, likes, shares and direct messages is a great to improve your customer experience. NOt to mention humanising your business and making it approachable.


existing customers

Take advantage of software that can better a customer experience

There will always be nifty software you can use to enhance a customer experience or to make your website and e-commerce site more advanced and easy to use.

So a little research into different options could work in your favour. Something like a betterment review or even looking at software that speeds up your customer check out process.

Maybe something like visual visitor identifications where you can make the most of people who visit your site and perhaps have gone no further.

Enabling your business to look and act like you do care about the customer experience.


existing customers

Really focus on catchy marketing campaigns

Maybe you should take some time to focus on your marketing campaigns. After all, these can be the things that really drive customers to your business or to your online website.

With campaigns being memorable, your customers are more likely to discuss them or share their views on your business, as the image will have stuck in their mind.


existing customers

Good customers service

Finally, it goes without saying that you should really focus on your actual customer service. Yes responding online is a great and instant way to do it. But what about emails or phone calls?

Do you think about what existing customers experience or just take for granted that you have a customer that has made a purchase?

Thinking about the experience can be a great way to push your business forward, just by simply thinking about the bigger picture.


I hope that these tips help you enhance your customer experience for existing customers and the new customers that will help your business grow.

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