Clever Marketing Hacks Small Businesses Will Love

marketing hacks

Clever marketing hacks can really help a small or large business to connect to the right audience whilst not over-spending. Marketing hacks can be budget-friendly as well as very effective… done right.

Marketing is essential for all kinds of businesses; whether you’re online or offline, big or small, you should be spending time and money on your marketing to get the best results.

Here, I’m giving you some clever marketing hacks that small businesses will love. If you have a small business, take a look at some of the suggestions below and see what you can incorporate into your own business marketing plan.


Marketing Hacks #1: Create Different Types Of Quality Content

If you know anything about marketing a business right now, you probably know that content is king and can take you far if you’re consistent in creating high quality content.

However, it’s important you create different types of quality content; videos are great, as are infographics, posts, photos, and other types of content.

marketing hacks

This content can be posted across various channels and can help you to back up your business and establish yourself as professionals in the industry.

The key with content is to post it only as fast as your audience can consume it, to make sure it’s high quality, and to be authentic.


Marketing Hacks #2: Build Up Your Email Subscriber List

Build up your email subscriber list so you can draw people to your website and keep them visiting and reading your content regularly.

It can take time to build up an email list, and even once you’ve done this, you need to make sure it’s well maintained and updated so that you’re getting the results you want.

Using email newsletter designs can help you to get started. You’ll need to monitor when you send out emails and what gets you the best results.

So pay attention to click through rates and things like that that can give you an indication of your success.

Remember, it’s so important not to spam your list, as many people wish they received less emails from businesses. Finding the right frequency is a must.


Marketing Hacks #3: Use Social Media Effectively

Social media is incredibly important for any business campaign. Using social media effectively means;

  • being responsive to your audience
  • posting social proof and other pieces of quality content
  • getting your timing right
  • using paid ads to reach your audience

marketing hacks

If you don’t know whether you’re going to have enough time to use social media, it could be a good idea to hire a social media manager, even a virtual one, to take over the accounts and keep things running smoothly.


Marketing Hacks #4: Partner Up With Other Businesses

Partnering up with other businesses can be a smart move. You could do joint competitions or campaigns so that you can benefit from one another’s audiences – see who you can reach out to.


Marketing Hacks #5: Improve Your Website

Make sure your website is up to scratch. It should have usability, a great site speed, look attractive, contain useful information, and more. How can you improve your site? It might be best to have a pro look it over.

marketing hacks


Marketing Hacks #6: Become A Part Of The Community

How can you become a part of your local community? Maybe you could sponsor a sports team or do something for charity!

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