SEO Is Never Going Away! Here’s Why.


SEO. Search Engine Optimization. Many marketing professionals have tried to insinuate for years that SEO is going to die.

However, we’ve learned by now that SEO is never going away. The only thing that happens to SEO is change. Here’s why SEO is never going away:


Giving Value To Customers

Over the years SEO has simply changed. Algorithms have changed and become smarter. This is why blackhat techniques designed to fool the search engines no longer work. In their place, techniques are used that make the experience better for the customer. The search engines want to rank sites based on how much value they have to offer the customer. This means all you have to do is offer the best service you possibly can. Give as much value to your customers and always keep them in mind!


SEO Changes

People may assume SEO is dying because of the changes that are always being made. However, these changes are simply designed to make search engines more effective at showing up relevant sites for keywords. They want consumers to find what they are looking for.

If you can keep up with the changes and make sure that you’re offering enough value for customers, you should be fine. If you’re still confused about SEO, this link can help you.

Infographic Created By Digitrio

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