Snoop Competitors. Why It’s Such A Good Idea.

snoop competitors

Snoop competitors is what you may need to do because the world of SEO and backlinks can be a tricky one to navigate. In fact, there are so many variables to consider that it can sometimes get a little overwhelming. But, as with many tricky things in life, there are short cuts.

Probably the best shortcut is to snoop on what your competitors are doing. If they’re successful, it’s likely that they’re doing something right. Here we’re going to investigate how you can emulate your competitors and use their SEO efforts to your advantage.

snoop competitors


Look At Their Blog Posts

If you’re in a competitive industry, it’s highly likely that your competitors will have blog posts. These blog posts are specifically designed around the type of content that their audience is searching for online. As a result, there’s nothing to stop you from rehashing their content for your own website. Snoop competitors but be very careful not to copy; I don’t recommend you plagiarize at ALL. You will be penalized by Google for copying material and that will cause your rank to fall.

Find Out Their Keywords

If you’ve ever played with the Google Adwords tool, you’ll know that finding keywords can be a chore. Typically, you type in a couple of keywords, and the planner will hit you with hundreds of possible related matches. For many people, it’s just too much to deal with. And for those that do brave it, going through page after page of results can be time-consuming.


There is, however, another way. It’s almost certain that somebody in your particular industry is offering similar services online. Ideally, find out what keywords they are using and copy them. But finding out keywords and doing your own competitor analysis can be tricky. And there’s no guarantee your competition has got it right. Businesses have a couple of options here. They can either do the legwork themselves, which can take days. Or they can go to third party firms, like Sticky, to do keyword research for them. Once companies have the keywords they need, they can then target ads more effectively.

snoop competitors

Investigate Where They Are Marketing

Different companies have different marketing outlets depending on their audience. Discovering where your online audience is located can take time – if you do it on your own. If, however, you look at what others are already doing, you can cut this time enormously.

Target Their Backlinks

Your competitors will have spent a lot of time building their website authority. The authority of a site is linked to the number and quality of the backlinks it has. Right now, your website probably doesn’t have many backlinks at all. But you can change that rather quickly.

The first thing to do is investigate whether you can get backlinked on the same websites your competitor is using. They may very well be using blogs. But they could also be linked on resource pages and news sites. Investigate whether these external sites allow guest posting. Or if the site is a directory, ask whether your URL can be added to the list. The second thing to do is target related sites. Look for sites that deal with your particular subject area, but that aren’t targeted by your competitors. Look for related news sites, blogs and forums.

snoop competitors

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