Insanely Clever Visual Marketing Hacks

visual marketing hacks

Visual marketing is reaching another level because the brain craves infographics. 70% of sensory receptors are in your eyes, while it takes 50% of the brain to process visuals.


It is no wonder that the number of visualized data on the internet has risen by nearly 10,000% in ten years. Yep, you read that right!

Logically, it makes to include visuals in marketing. Without them, there is a good chance the organization won’t benefit from the current trends. And, if there are competitors who are taking a gamble, it extenuates circumstances.

The trick is to use the right methods to garner the most attention. When you use visuals correctly, everything from traffic to lead generation can benefit. With that in mind, below are the visual marketing hacks to take seriously. Here’s what you need to know.

visual marketing hacks


Visual Marketing Hacks #1 : Use Video Content

Content is king, but the written word is taking a backseat in 2017. If you don’t believe that, here are some stats to consider. 87% of online marketers use video content, while more than 500 hours of video are watched every day. 45% of people watch one hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week.

And, more content is created in 30 days than television companies have formed in 30 years. If that doesn’t convince you, nothing will. However, what these figures don’t show is how to use video to the company’s benefit. A good way to start is to make an introductory video.

Not only does it help the audience, but it helps you get to grips with the technology. After that, you can begin to put together customer testimonials or shoot a live feed.


visual marketing hacks


Visual Marketing Hacks #2 : Customise Tweets

As well as video content, social media content is high on the list of effective tools. The problem is that everyone uses the same format, and tweets can get lost in the ether.

Fear not, though, because there is good news. Now that you know the usefulness of graphics, you can pin them to your tweets. To start with, use pictures and images to grab the reader’s attention. A simple tweet is only 144 characters long and doesn’t stand out.

An image is large and bulky and demands your attention from the outset. Don’t forget about emoticons, either. People do overuse them, but you can use them in a humorous context. For example, some people spell out tweets with emojis like a game of charades.

Finally, restructure the format. Instead of a line break or a new font will appear different.


visual marketing hacks


Visual Marketing Hacks #3 : Embed Calls To Action

Websites have calls to action throughout because they help convince a customer to make a decision. Unfortunately, tweets and other marketing resources don’t use them whatsoever.

The reason this is a mistake is that CTAs add value to the consumers. Okay, saying “click here” or “learn more” won’t get the results you want as they are too simplistic. But, “click here to get your free” is something which piques people’s curiosity.

They want a freebie, and they are willing to click on the link to get it. So, rather than using them on your site only, implement them throughout your marketing platforms. On Twitter and Facebook, for example, you can embed a CTA in an image.

By linking a call to action with a picture, the effect should double.


visual marketing hacks


Visual Marketing Hacks #4 : Stray Offline

It’s almost as if online is the only way to market a product or service visually. The savvy people among you will know this is untrue. In fact, offline marketing ideas like badges & pins are as useful as video content or embedding calls to action.

Why? It’s because offline marketing is not dead. People still like to go retro, and that means there are individuals to advertise to even in this day and age. With that in mind, there is no reason to maintain a 100% online strategy.

Sure, the bulk of the content should focus on the digital aspect of your plan. But, a great strategy will use both online and offline methods to create an all encompassing policy.

The techniques which still work today are the ones to focus on. Because there are too many to mention, this guide will fill in the gaps.


visual marketing hacks


Visual Marketing Hacks #5 : Make It Brief

In the past, experts thought that longevity was the key to marketing success. Nowadays, that is no longer true. Some people will still argue this isn’t the case, but you only need to look at modern trends.

Snapchat is a prime example. One of the reasons it is effective is the fact that the content disappears after ten seconds. If it stayed, the appeal wouldn’t be the same as the novelty factor wouldn’t exist.

Now, that isn’t to say that everything in your plan should be brief. But, there is a reason to believe that shorter is sweeter. Does anyone remember the “Power out? No problem” slogan by Oreo in 2013. The joke got more than 15,000 retweets by the end of the Super Bowl.


visual marketing hacks


Visual Marketing Hacks #6 : Source Customer Content

Creating a plethora of content all day every day is not easy. If anything, it is one way to put the marketing strategy at risk. Once the consumer expects something, they won’t be pleased until they get it.

By committing, you might disillusion the people you are trying to impress. Well, you will if there isn’t enough content to go around, yet that shouldn’t be the case.

Why? It’s because customers themselves are the solution. A typical person will create or share visual content on a daily basis. The smart companies can then use this to share on their behalf as part of the firm’s strategy. If your customers aren’t the creative type, give them nudge with a reward or giveaway. By doing this, you can increase credibility and extend your reach. Not too bad for, especially when you don’t have to do the heavy lifting!

If your customers aren’t the creative type, give them nudge with a reward or giveaway. By doing this, you can increase credibility and extend your reach. Not too bad for, especially when you don’t have to do the heavy lifting!

Visuals are an important part of marketing in the twenty-first century. However, the trick is to make sure they hit the brief and resonate with your base. Otherwise, it is pointless trying to exploit the benefits.

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